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Our parting

By: Lorry, 09.01.2012, Comments: 5

I want to tell you the story of our parting.

Not about the parting when you are abandoned and you think nothing else matters anymore.

I am living in another country for quite some time now, but home is always where the heart is, so every summer I pack my bags and leave for my favorite country. Last summer was different.

I felt grown-up and wise, attractive and a woman who left the child years behind. I wasn’t ready to allow yet another love disappointment and unrequited love, as I did last summer. I decided to fill up my vacation with friends, parties, discos and short flirts. But I was only thinking I could do that. To my surprise I met the love of my life. Mutual friends introduced us.

For a long time I was wondering what to do, shall I love him, shall I try to avoid him and get rid of my thoughts about him...? I like him, Ch. won my trust. Made me feel like a princess. I fell madly in love.

I felt him so close. We spent all our time together. We went to bars, parties, discos….We shared everything, we talked of life, we laughed….I felt he was not only my boyfriend but my closest friend as well! He was so tender, we had amazing nights together, passionate kisses, he gave me a love so crystal clear that only time could stand in its way.

Before I knew it summer was over and I had to go back.

The last couple of days I felt confused and insecure.

I didn’t know what would happen with my life. I didn’t know what to say, or to plan…..It was the same with Ch.

Our last two dinners were silent.

We sat and watched and sighed. I tried to start a conversation, to seem light-hearted, as I usually am, but it wasn’t possible.

I wanted to tell him how much I loved him, wanted to say that I can’t let this end so suddenly, but I lacked the words.

Something wouldn’t let me say it. I was asking myself "What if he abandons meа"?

During my last night with him I cried a lot. We spent it alone. It was all so romantic. He gave me a gift that touched me and I knew he cared about me.

And then he said: "My dear, I will be waiting for you"! Suddenly all my being lit up and shined. He walked with me to the entrance.

My heart ached when I turned and saw the man of my dreams leave.

But I knew we will be together again next summer.

This was not parting as the one everyone has felt at least once in life; the one that hurts so much because you realize you are not loved any more. This was a parting that might even wake up an even bigger love. Some of you might say that relationships like these are impossible, because it is hard to wait and love someone and be so far away. I thought the same thing before it all happened to me.

I spoke to Ch. Today. Within two weeks we will be together again!:)

He sounded so happy!

I love you, sweetheart!

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