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An unposted letter

By: Stela, 25.02.2005, Comments: 4

You are not mine…
The minutes spent with you… and then you were gone, you disappeared, you steamed away. Only the thought of the touch of your lips brings me back to life, your hands call me, your eyes are filled with passion. And I get so tiny and tender.
I have never felt this way. A man like you has never been a part of my life, probably because I’ve never been ready for that.
I feel you with my mind, with every single cell of my body. I can touch you with my thought. I perceive myself through you when you gently touch me with your body, when my hands are filled with you and you penetrate inside of me. We used to form a bright star together, a star which would burst into milliard pieces, each carrying the pleasure of our moments.

You are the one and only.

I wake up smiling because your name is gently coming out of my lips.

Sometimes it seems to me that if I open my eyes you will appear next to me. I know it’s just an illusion and I keep my eyes closed, saving the memories of these morning visions…I dream only of one thing – to wake up again lying next to you, to feel you even without touching you and to admire your body, still unawakened but so beautiful under the rays of the morning sun. And to seduce you with almost elusive movements, while taking pleasure in the sensation of your closeness…

You are still sleeping, I’ll restrain my hands to save your morning dream. The light smile appearing on your face, your eyes still closed, fills me with delight and I start anticipating how gently you will look at me.

I want to meet the morning with you. You open your eyes hesitantly. You are still not aware that I’m here, beside you, waiting for your embrace. In that wonderful morning, in your joyful astonished eyes appeared what I came for. For the sake of it I would go through fire, and rain, and fog…… I’m no longer there, I’ve melted in your eyes lit up with happiness.

I waited for you so long….. I waited. I tore my soul, cried while singing, covered the sky with poems. But only now I realized that Winter can turn into Summer, that the sun can shine at night, and Stars can appear in the daytime. And you are no longer mine.

Once more I’ll look for you, once more I’ll fall asleep and wake up with your name on my lips, I’ll burn sleepless, I’ll quench my thirst in the memories of our meetings. But no more, not for anything in the world will I give anyone that tender-sweet pain of parting, for this is my life, my sorrow, my love…

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