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Sarah-janeFrom Sarah-jane (Guest)

posted: 2005-08-17
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I think you should forget about him. He is obiviously playing you, if he loved you he would want to be with you. I think cause you are so close to him you are not seeing the true picture. You should find someone who respect syou and treats you the way you deserve.
JaquiFrom Jaqui (Guest)

posted: 2005-10-11
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Okay, you may not want to hear this, and most ppl do what they want, if you want anything to get resolved you just need to come out and say what is in our future, that way there is no pressure for him to decide right now, but if he doesn't know, then he is just keeping you on the side lines, feeding yuo the love story just so he always has someone to fall back on, and you deserve better than that!! So the first true love is the hardest, but it's time to let go!
RajeshFrom Rajesh (Guest)

posted: 2005-11-29
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Well i think u should go and tell the guy what is there in your heart. If he is your true friend and really loves you he will never go away from you and u never know when your true love turns on. So don't keep waisting your time just go ahead and tell him the Truth.
JordFrom Jord (Guest)

posted: 2011-10-23
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I say the truth is always the answer.. Just tell him how you feel and then atleast you know, and you two can move forward... If he loves you and it sounds like he does then he'll understand and if he doesn't well like I said atleast you'll know. I hope it works out for you!
Olivee ;*From Olivee ;* (Guest)

posted: 2012-04-21
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Awe; Well good luck with that. I have a story kinda like that /:
AkkiFrom Akki (Guest)

posted: 2012-05-01
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dear uske pass jao or use apne dil ki bat bol do , coz he lvs u, ho skta h wo bhi isi confusion me ho.
JuzreadingFrom Juzreading (Guest)

posted: 2012-07-05
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You cannot call it love, my dear. Maybe you're just used to having him beside you every now and then. Even if you're with some other guys vice versa, you still think about him because you're just CLOSE to him and you've known him a very long time. If you want him to know your real feelings then you must be ready that he might not feel the same way. :)
Ashiem ashuFrom Ashiem ashu (Guest)

posted: 2012-07-19
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your childhood friend is thinking that u should propose cool every thing will be alright
BibiFrom Bibi (Guest)

posted: 2012-08-09
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Well I'm kind of in the same situation and you HAVE to tell him make things clear and ask him what his feelings are for you. I know your first love is the hardest trust me I'm still on that stage but if you don't let yourself go all you end up doing is hurting yourself. And if things don't go the way you want them to go remember that everything happens for a reason.
NickyFrom Nicky (Guest)

posted: 2012-08-17
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love hurts but its worth fightn for,you should talk about it ,tell him how u feel its better that way

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