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 SupriyaFrom Supriya (Guest)

posted: 2014-09-15
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No that's not good you feel you are happy without him but the baby can not get a good life you may give love upto your end but the baby future without an father is so turf in the society the society member will speak hell words about your baby so try to convince him be in your hold and settle in life
AshiFrom Ashi (Guest)

posted: 2014-09-18
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Hi I dnt feel ur decision is rite to leave him..
Love him so much tht he wud have no other choice than loving u..keep ur love mad n passionate.if u hv thought to spnd life with him so do it.encourage urself everytime n god wil help u..all the best...
KarthikFrom Karthik (Guest)

posted: 2014-09-19
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The child needs your love. The child is yours as well. And if you leave him or her, the child will be devastated. Allow the child to know who the father is and who you are. Then make a decision for separation if you have to. Don't let go of the child into the hands of a man who lacks your values. But if you think you can forgive and make things work between you and your husband then do it.
K roseFrom K rose (Guest)

posted: 2014-09-30
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you know you were the one who said you were insulted, and that you do not trust him anymore. I think that is enough reason for you to leave him, your baby will always be both your child but the fact that he was seeing someone while you where there trying to make sure that his child will be taken care of while in your womb and he has all the time to cheat instead of taking care of you and your child? the fact that he went to your home with "friend" that's a big insult and a slap on your face... your child will grow knowing his father but move on, someday someone will come in your life... a man who will respect and love your child as his own...
AmitFrom Amit (Guest)

posted: 2014-09-30
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yes he is cheating but don't mind it is common problem please convenience your husband and friendly relationship make you that is your duty .mostly ladies are busy in child birth and pregnancy period so i think maximum gents are feeling alone remember he don't feel alone.
EpakarasioFrom Epakarasio (Guest)

posted: 2014-10-07
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let dem resetle since d man asked 4 padon
PreetiFrom Preeti (Guest)

posted: 2014-10-10
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I know it’s difficult to accept that it has happened.
First of all give yourself some time and collect answers for following
1. How will you manage yourself financially?
2. He cheated OK.... But when it will come to financial settlement after divorce how strong are you? Are all your financial issues answered?
3. Will you be able to raise your child without any guilt after separation?

It’s not important that you save relationships.... It’s important you save yourself.
Sometimes separation makes things easier for the other one than you.
What options do you have after separation…. How do you plan to live your life?
You divorce/ separate from your partner and he starts a new life….
What about you… You separate and you invest your energy in raising the kid and taking care of your financial requirements ……

If you are sure you are financially stable and would be able to make yourself emotionally stable kick him right now…. But if the answer is No… Then get your thoughts clear….

My basic suggestion is that you should be fine…. Thus give everything a complete thought and most importantly time
JazFrom Jaz (Guest)

posted: 2014-10-19
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every guy cheats
Guys are jerks they cheat on every girl
My advice is if he did this once it could keep happening

GoldiFrom Goldi (Guest)

posted: 2014-10-26
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the husband not do this good. due to this the life of baby was may be destroyed. now the mother should live happy with the child.
PriyaFrom Priya (Guest)

posted: 2014-10-30
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I agree with ur decision.. U r right in ur way.. Go for it.. I know u r best mot her and u can b manage

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