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JayFrom Jay (Guest)

posted: 2012-01-07
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Yeah get used to it. That's life, that's how men are built. Get the kissing before the orgasm, or not at all. It's not you, it's not him, it's the way things are.
RachelFrom Rachel (Guest)

posted: 2012-01-18
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do you caress him? do you make any effort to make love rather than have love given?. have you thought about sexy sex once or twice a week? and love making other have to set the mood too. x
NikkiFrom Nikki (Guest)

posted: 2012-01-31
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To be honest I just would not give him anything make him work for it abit more make him appreciate it good look
AgataFrom Agata (Guest)

posted: 2012-02-10
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what an ess scru him wow what the hell he needs to treat u better ur not just a piece of something that he can use whenever he wants . you deserve much better whoever you are i wish you happiness.
EmperorFrom Emperor (Guest)

posted: 2012-04-23
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Men will be Men !!

you know its nothing to do with him or its not his fault...
once men release orgasm, they have nothing to be interested in ....

leave it girl, thats how men are !!

enjoy life ..
DavidFrom David (Guest)

posted: 2012-04-06
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just make him jealous after keeping the relation wt sum one else...or find sum new love one who cares for ....but lls dont just give upbcoz of him
ShawonFrom Shawon (Guest)

posted: 2012-04-07
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may b he dnt love u.whr u from?
EmmaFrom Emma (Guest)

posted: 2012-04-09
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Tell him what you need from him. A relationship is based on love, understand and compromise among other things of course. If you feel like you need more non-sexual intimate moments with him then tell him. Don't let him brush you off either, your marriage and your happiness will suffer if you guys don't sort this out. Maybe you should ask him what he needs as well and work out a compromise. You need to give and take, and right now it seems your giving and he's taking you for granted.
BishbFrom Bishb (Guest)

posted: 2012-04-12
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He's an asshole, Run! theres is a man out there that will willingly want to show his love for you and not just for sex. trust me, behavior like that doesnt just fade away. Im pretty sure crying yourself to sleep for the rest of your life shouldnt be an option for you. Do whats best for you!
NitishFrom Nitish (Guest)

posted: 2012-04-07
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hey.... I think ur husband is very ambitious. Just keep him happy... Always. Dont force him... Make good food for him.... Give him some refressing drink after he comes from work... I think there is no problem with ur husband.... But his job and work.... I think he remains tensed due to the pressure of work and job.... Just try to sooth him and comfort him... Relieve him off his pressure... Love will find its way.

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