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MaxyFrom Maxy (Guest)

posted: 2012-02-24
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I exactly knw hw u feel bt at d end of da day it is nt worth it to cling n beg 4 love dat is jst nt gvn to u freely n truly
GudhartFrom Gudhart (Guest)

posted: 2012-02-26
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I cant understand this thing about Men and Women. Very rarely does a Good Woman get a Good Man. Its always a Good Man gets a bad woman and a Good Woman gets a Bad Man. Life is not a compromise, there are a lot of good men and good women, dont make haste, Check out all you can on them, talk about them with your friends and see what they got say and then take the final step.
As for you my friend, he is not the end of the world ! Step out, open your mind and heart, you will find the right man, he is not in the open, find him !
T-babyFrom T-baby (Guest)

posted: 2012-02-28
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do not let this man snap the life out of you.there is a particular man made for you and he's waiting for you to free yourself from this self imposed captivity.Please find you way out of this relationship and give room for a fresh start
NFrom N (Guest)

posted: 2012-04-27
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I had the same situation, I am happy that it all ended, because real love can't devastate. It is difficult, but don't waste your time, TRUE LOVE already waits you!
JaneFrom Jane (Guest)

posted: 2012-05-09
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How mean of him....
Licious-kkFrom Licious-kk (Guest)

posted: 2012-05-17
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Luv s so cruel sumtymz, iv been there , done dat and learnt my lesson, i waz crazley in luv, i loved him with mylife but only 2find out dat i meant nothing 2him, it waz so hurting knowing dat de one you luv ,luv sum1 else n you mean nothing 2him, iv learnt 2create hope n perceverance bcoz of him, i believd on impossible things which will never happen, i sacrificed all and left with nothing, it became hurt 2believe even to understand ,i waz left with no choice to accept with pain, i left him while knowing dat ma hat stil beats for him, lyf waz hard and unbearable, but 2day i hav forgotten dat he eva exist, but i break people's hat bcoz itz nt easy to trust again, i cnt luv any1 else nw n dat hurtz me, so you have to let this man go, hiz not worth you n your tears ,you deserve bettr, remember time heals, stay blessd(frm ethel)
BibiFrom Bibi (Guest)

posted: 2012-08-09
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No guy is worth humiliating your self for honey trust me.
ElizabethFrom Elizabeth (Guest)

posted: 2012-08-27
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can you smile,please? whenever you are free, just smile..
and remember, those who have a heart, give love. and those who don't, take it.and do you really love him or do you want him to love you too? well i love everyone in the world in the first way. very comfortable. and you know,no one has ever got so much love as me :)
you see, and i don't know if it does make a difference, but i am giving a lot of it to you. and whenever you see him, smile. not a neeedy, anticipating smile, just a friendly smile. just behave like he's ur frnd. and just to say,i like you.and smile,dear.. :)and remember, love is free. no buisness and demanding to get what you give. free, free, free...
JesusFrom Jesus (Guest)

posted: 2012-10-21
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Listen, im sorry you're in that situation. I read what you wrote, i'll pray both of you. I think i can sort of to that. Im trying to a girl just like these women here, these women who posted there stories. It's hard trying to find the girl just for me. I be careful because the girls here, where i live they are the right one for me. Im scared that i wont find Love in my life. Pray to God for me!Please!
Mac AmerFrom Mac Amer (Guest)

posted: 2012-10-30
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I Have the same thing but i am with my girlfriend it hurt's me a lott and i don't want to lose her I love her so much I will die for her because I love her more than anything in my life I don't know what to do it hurt's me so much as much as you are i really need help :'(

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