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MechelleFrom Mechelle (Guest)

posted: 2012-10-28
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hello...that was bad he is so numb he doesnt realize how you're feeling when he do that,,maybe he's kind of looking for someone to have an affair with.go talk to him openly
JessieFrom Jessie (Guest)

posted: 2012-11-02
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100% agree to your story sis, bcos the same situation thats goin on with my relationship too, pray & find the answer.. xo
Heart DesireFrom Heart Desire (Guest)

posted: 2013-01-31
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Soooo touching!... well i think the best way to do is to talk to him and tell him that you are hurted with his can take him out for dinner any quite place or prepare a nice meal for dinner at home and make it so very romanticly and lower your voice and talk to him wisely,express all your feelings and dont hide anything just speak out!
i hope thats gonna work out for my experience.
good luck Dear!
MahiFrom Mahi (Guest)

posted: 2013-02-23
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girls are selfness plZ don't waist time
JeevanFrom Jeevan (Guest)

posted: 2013-03-13
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i am really touched to read your life, jealous is not a right word to tag your character its concern which any woman will have on her husband and vise verse, your husband is more attracted to women and like to be in multiple relations if he is given a chance and he will not like the same from you, divorce is not the right decision to take because " love does exists ". he will change show him your love and how much you love him and how important he is in your life make him special. if you really love him do this.all the best: a friend from india
KeeliaFrom Keelia (Guest)

posted: 2013-04-13
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hello... you have to talk with your husband about your feelings... it is nice to figure it out. ask him why those things happen.. love is sharing of feelings and thoughts..
Sandhyarani konjengbamFrom Sandhyarani konjengbam (Guest)

posted: 2013-04-26
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dats is called luv !!
Longchamp outletFrom Longchamp outlet (Guest)

posted: 2013-04-26
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Its just well thought out and really fantastic to see someone who knows how to put these thoughts down so well
ShanuriFrom Shanuri (Guest)

posted: 2013-05-12
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Hey.your problem is not that serious you acturaly need 2 just sit down with your husband n speak 2 him about how u feel when he is around other woman n he does love u n he also gets jealous when u r by other man.what I also thing you should do is everytime he is by other woman you should go stand by him because he does the same with u when other man are around u so please don't get a divoce just speak 2 hime that's all
AjayFrom Ajay (Guest)

posted: 2013-07-04
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K.wat he is doing. U also do same think.if he luvs u thn he wil be jealous...thts all..thts my idea if u agree thn do it

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