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TheTruthIsFrom TheTruthIs (Guest)

posted: 2013-10-24
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You are NOT too jealous,his actions are ridiculous! All I can say is he is not conducting himself like a married man - right in front of you as well...this can only mean What does ) He is a player (cheater, liar, skirt chaser) OR he has some other mental problem/issue where he has some intense, need to flirt & seek admiration from other women & ignore you like you don't exist - for what reason, I don't know but I was with someone who did the same thing to me (drove me crazy). Years later I realized he was a narcissist & this was his way of seeking supply while degrading me. In any case, this is not someone I would trust, I can't imagine how he acts when you're NOT around. Divorce him. Read about narcissism please.
Peter MartinFrom Peter Martin (Guest)

posted: 2014-06-27
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Okay now this is just one of my
issues that just keeps bothering me it's like taking your lady out dancing to a club. And instead of dancing with her you just sit at the bar and drink while she just gets pissed off and starts daning with every twerkologist male in the room. The point is that everyone flirts from time to time as for a divorce that's just not serious enough to waist the courts time, and to expensive for an hour on the couch with a therapist. Lets just keep it in budget and say that your husband loves to flirt or maybe he just loves woman, but there is a line that you just don't cross but that is between the
couples that are in relationships and they differ depending on the couple. The point is this you need to trust yourself first and then you need to trust your love one as well because you are the one that he comes home to. I think men can be really thick sometimes because they don't want to be clinging, needy, or on lock down whatever the term these days but it is important to let your lady know that she's the lady of our dreams
and the we really care, But that's hard to do when you don't know when it's to much or just not enough the key is communication and learning the differences in the two male verses female. Good Luck!
AshFrom Ash (Guest)

posted: 2014-08-15
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baby he loves u but give him space and u also try to be beautiful and smart now he has more options so he is curious to know about more other womens but still he is yours dont do cheap things.
ThaliaFrom Thalia (Guest)

posted: 2014-11-10
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lts not jealousy, your just beıng a 'wıfe' l guess. He should stop flirting or talking to other women around him. A real man wouldnt care about other women but only his wife, he should only care for his wife because thats the way it should be, l mean.. you dont hug other men and talk to them more often than to your husband ? well, lf no then he shouldnt talk to other women. l know how you feel, l felt like that before not once or twice but a millions of times, Dont worry though, He wont leave you you're married. But.. lf you want to make him feel the same way you do, then do what he does. Talk to men, be happy & just smile.. He will understand.. and maybe he'll stop what hes doing and making you feel like dust.
RosalindFrom Rosalind (Guest)

posted: 2017-02-25
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RenaFrom Rena (Guest)

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RoseanneFrom Roseanne (Guest)

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