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PoojaFrom Pooja (Guest)

posted: 2005-05-10
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After going through your story I was eager in knowing if your boss is married ?If yes, then its better you stay away from admitting your feelings.If he's single then there is no harm in letting him know how much you care and like him.Still i would personally suggest not to force your love on him.Its not neccessary for every relationship to work out the way we want or dream of.Love can blossom anytime with anyone - i wish you all the best and remember love is not limited to one person.
BellaFrom Bella (Guest)

posted: 2005-10-04
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Ha Ha!! Im having the same problem!!
YvetteFrom Yvette (Guest)

posted: 2005-12-15
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What a riot, I am having the same problem only that mine is married!! He will NEVER know how I feel because I am NOT about to wreck a marriage, even though he's unhappily maried!
AlanisFrom Alanis (Guest)

posted: 2006-02-12
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I know how you feel because I have also been having these heart pounding feelings for my boss.
I've been working with him for 3 months now and for the past 7 weeks I find myself thinking of him constantly. When he speaks to me I catch myself fantasizing about us kissing, holding hands and just being in each others arms. He is single without children, handsome and incredibly spiritual, in fact many of his relationships did'nt last because he would rather make love on a spiritual level first rather than physically. I also wonder how it would work out considering I'm 24 and he is in his early forties. I myself have not yet confessed my feelings because of my own doubt but if i were you I would confess the feelings that abviously you just can't deny.
MorgFrom Morg (Guest)

posted: 2011-04-09
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i feel that everyone feels this way towards someone that is in control! i know thats how i am! someone that can take control is soo sexy to me!! i almost cant stand it!
PMRFrom PMR (Guest)

posted: 2011-12-17
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I was searching for something in the web, and i ended up in this page i don't really know i think everything happens for a reason, i have to share my can exist in multiple ways, and we can love whomever...a boss, a best friend, a neighbor...nothing should stop anyone of showing their feelings to is love, and all we need is love...however this particular situation may have a HUGE problem...If the relationship won't workout for whatever will have to put up with your boss after the end of the relationship or change jobs...think about it...with me it was the boss told me she was in love with me...the feelings were mutual so we ended up in a marriage of 7 a bond of love that it's unique in life...but life didn't want us together, so we had to break up and go through hell for 6 years until we could manage the situation at work, because it was horrible to work together under those conditions...i couldn't change jobs and until today is not easy to face the be careful with relationships with people which you work with...that's my life advice...xxxxxx
LuckymFrom Luckym (Guest)

posted: 2012-01-06
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Omg I know how you feel! I'm working at a restaurant right now and I think I really like my manager :( like he gets me super nervous... He himself asked me if he gets me nervous and when he did ask me that i got butterflies!! I hate that i like him! I can't work... I can't think properly and I also can't wait to work to see him!! And he's also 12 years older than me
AgataFrom Agata (Guest)

posted: 2012-02-10
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luckym my fioncee is 12 years older then me i love him very much well i did kind of break him apart with another woman who has a baby from him . so far we are together for 5 months np at all but i really hate that he has a baby,. i wish i knew what is right to do i really love hum but i know i can have someone even better .
GuestFrom Guest (Guest)

posted: 2012-08-09
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I read you story...firstly if your boss is married then you have to stay away from him.If not then ask some questions to your heart that it is your first love? You can live without him? O r its just a affection.Its your life you can decide what to do...And if your boss already has a girlfriend then you cannot do anything..just forget all this and move on
NavyaFrom Navya (Guest)

posted: 2012-09-09
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c, true love will never change...first try to understand him to the core...attract him by ur peculiar character each and everytimeand never show it off....prove him, ur unique love so that he shouldnt compare u with should care him in such a way that he should fear to miss a girl like u for anything and for any needs a lot of sacrifice...and first of all accept him as he is...never ever expect...and there is nothing called first means its the first and should be the last forever...if ur love for him is true then it will make him come and propose u...u neednt go!!! prove the same time u should know to c life in a different way...if he couldnt realise now, he realise wait..have a lot of patience...make him miss him when he is busy...its what called love...

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