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How to get rid of its complex?

By: Eliza, Poland, 21.01.2004, Comments: 0

Hello! :):):)

For quite some time reading this site you Needless to say that I like I want to ask you to give me advice on a personal matter connected with my body, which dislikes.

Things are like this:

I am 19 old, normal physique, do not look bad, pretty person perspective as I am around people I was determined. I graduated from a prestigious school, took me to a great university, I found a job for the summer. In a word, I am not the girls who love to waste their time, do not like to shlaya, did quite forthright and self-disciplined person I am. My problem is that you do not like the body. I am not ugly or fat - 1.65 centimeters and 55 kilograms think this is due to the fact that two years ago to deal with modern ballet.

There I found a very cruel coach that never ceased to harass and humiliate me. There were moments when I was razrevavala even hit me once. Unfortunately, during this period I was under the bullying of her, but without knowing it. Now I know that my wife walked into the skin - in the sense that it justifies all violent acts towards me because they perceive it as a second mother. Many loved her, and since my mother never had much time for me, my choreographer turned into a very important person for me. And when you feel someone close personal barriers usually you fall. After happen that I quit ballet had much time to realize all this, I fell into depression, I was very serious. And to f. With much effort has already plucked up some of the consequences of its evil influence on me, but still can not overcome the complex which I planted for my body. I drove the whole ballet, so I'm not fat or that their diet, called me fat lelichka spoke constantly exposes how the ballet, how my flesh quaked, etc. So I planted this complex. And again I say I'm not fat or ugly, but begin to hate at the moment, which looked into the mirror - does not like your butt, legs, arms ... All this hostility is not expressed in drastic diets or starvation, but in any such a deep sense of inferiority and despair ever. When a guy my attention, this attention is always pinned because I feel that it deserves because I'm ugly and fat.

And I'm not. Even if you know him again, I hate inside. To justify himself, so I have no boyfriend, the fact that I am fat. But it is simply because I was so samovglabila in work and learning that allows other emotions navleznat in my world.

As you can see some bits of me realizes the problem, but does not know how to deal with it. Please give me advice. How to get rid of its complex? Thank you very much for reading these lines.

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