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Serious problem with weight ...:(

By: Little, Spain, 06.07.2004, Comments: 1


I have a serious problem with weight and it therefore my fault, and I write to help me with advice.

So my weight was normal and felt good, but one day just like that a joke I thought 1 or 2 kilograms less will be good for me. And I started a diet, but once you download a few and you wish to further thin and so I began to do experiments with literally their weight. And so to the latter diet, which did of Lydia Kovatcheva - indeed I took everything unnecessary, but come see me now - except that his old weight back and still got straight to the top and terrified. Worried by the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.

Please let me write all those who had or have this problem and tell me effective and tested tools - oils or lotions for the removal of stretch marks, because if they come to me now I do not know what it will do.

And this fucking bother me and just think about it-awfulf.

Thank you in advance.

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