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Am I jealous or is he a philanderer?

By: Ann, 05.09.2010, Comments: 1

I am trying to answer this question, but trust me, it’s very difficult!

I love my husband very much; we have been married for 8 years now, the first three of which we were separated, because we used to live in different countries. But now we are already together.

It was all perfect at the beginning and I was even scared to share it, because we all know the saying that "Too much good is not good".

I started noticing that whenever we are in a company with lots of handsome men around, my husband stays close and is very kind to me. I find this normal and it actually really pleases me. I think this is the normal way to treat your wife. I love showing people how much I love my husband and it makes me happy when they see it, and when I do it. The problem is that when we are in a company with lots of pretty women, he changes completely: he doesn’t touch me at all, even more, he keeps away from me or if I manage to somehow demonstrate that he is my husband and I love him, he acts unpleasantly surprised and stands still, but with the other women he is smiling and more than friendly.

Sometimes he would talk to a woman over my seat for 10-15 minutes and never even look at me, not to mention to include me in the conversation. I sometimes think of leaving the place in order to see how much time it would take him to realize that I'm gone.

I think it would take him at least an hour, if in the meantime he doesn’t see a handsome man close by.

Every time he is introduced to a woman, he would hug her, which I find normal, but then he would look her over from head to toe while talking to her. Another thing, whenever a woman calls him on the phone he is so enthusiastic, and if you hear him you would think it’s the happiest day of his life, but then when I call him, he is awfully indifferent, it is so terrible. He acts the same way when I tell him his favorite team won over their biggest competitor for the title.

Having described that (I have plenty more cases to share, it’s so sad that the unpleasant memories are now more than the pleasant ones) please help me understand if I am being too jealous.

I need your advice badly, because I am on the edge of a divorce!

Thank you in advance!

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