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Am I jealous or is he a flirt?

By: Pegi, 25.02.2005, Comments: 27

I’m trying to find the answer to this question and it’s really hard for me, believe me!

I truly love my husband with whom we’ve been married for 8 years, the first 3 of which we spent living separately in different countries. Now we are already together. In the beginning everything was perfect and I even feared sharing this with others because people say “it’s too good to last”.
So, I’ve noticed recently that when we are in a company with handsome men my husband is constantly around me and he is very kind and affectionate to me. I find this normal and I’m quite pleased with it. I consider this the right attitude to a wife. I like showing my feelings towards him in front of people and I’m very happy when they notice it. The problem is that when we are in a company with attractive women he changes abruptly – he stops touching me at all, even keeps a distance, or if I show in some way or another that he is my beloved husband he is unpleasantly surprised and stands as if frozen, while his attitude to the other women is more than friendly.
There have been cases when he has spoken to a woman for about 10-15 minutes and haven’t even looked at me meanwhile. (to say nothing of including me in the conversation!). Sometimes I hesitated on leaving the place in order to see if he will notice my absence. I think this will probably last at least an hour or until he sees some handsome guy around.
Whenever he meets a woman he will greet her with a hug, in which I find nothing bad, but after that he will study her from head to toe while talking to her. Another issue is that when a woman calls him on the phone he becomes so enthusiastic that you may think this is the happiest day in his life. However when I call him he gets so awfully indifferent. And this happens when I’m telling him his favorite team has won an important game.
After this description of the situation (not mentioning many other similar cases and the bad thing is unpleasant memories get more and more) I’m asking you to help me see if I’m too jealous.
I will appreciate this a lot because right now I’m on the verge of a divorce.

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