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True Love truned into nightmare

By: James, India, 24.08.2012, Comments: 22

Hi, my name is James and my wife name is Angel. We have been together now for 5 years. Let me start with my background before I met my wife. Like all men, I too was enjoying my life to the fullest. I had lot of friends; went on a weekend outing, drinks, party and so on. I am a Christian and she is a Hindu and I had a lot of opposition from my parents and families. Even my friends advised me to stop seeing her and start new considering the consequences. But I was so much in love with her that I thought it is worth to live with her for 2 minutes and die rather than living without her for rest of the life. I somehow convinced my parents and families risking my father’s life. Due to all this chaos he had a major cardiac arrest and underwent bypass surgery. My mom’s blood pressure shoot to 190 and she bled from nose. Doctor said that she was lucky to live because with such high BP she could have had a cardiac arrest and would have never recovered. Well, I faced all these problems but still was firm to my parents that she is the one. I started losing interest in everything; started coming home drinking a lot, met with an accident and was just seconds away from death. My parents looking at my ordeal approved our wedding and we got married.

I could have married Angel without my parent’s consent, but my parents have done so much for me that I want their blessing in my wedding. We got married and everything was going fine for 5 to 6 months and then problems started. Considering that I am now a married person and have a lot of responsibilities I started concentrating in my work. I distanced myself with all of my friends, started working for 16hrs a day (so that I can have overtime), and even started working on weekends. All my hard work paid off, I was promoted as an Asst. Manager and had a salary hike of 75%.

The problem is my wife is suspicious on me for everything; she checks my mobile call log, messages and even my purse. She does not let me go out even for a minute, she keeps on calling me all day checking where I am, what I am doing, with who I am. She checks my mobile for unknown numbers and calls them back from her mobile to see if that is a male or a female. If it is a female, she creates such a ruckus that I feel like I am becoming a murderer with all the negative thoughts (can’t explain it here). Well, being a manager I have a lot of responsibilities and get calls all day long. I really don’t know what to do; I love her more than anything but her behaviour has made to think again. I have sacrificed my life so much for her and still sacrifice a lot but she pushes me to the limit.

It is no use talking to her, I have tried so many times to try to talk it to her and have her understand that her behaviour is not right. By God’s grace I have everything now and financially well settled. I am just thinking if she is really worth all my sacrifices or if I should move on without her.

Please let me know your suggestions to I am very desperate..!

Thank You

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