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I Still Love Her After 20 Years

By: Enrique, USA, 25.01.2017, Comments: 0

Hello Everyone,

20 long years ago, when I was back in school I met the most amazing and captivating girl. She was my classmate and I fell madly in love. You could say that we couldn’t possibly understand love at that age. You might be right, but then I’ve never felt anything like that before. She was my best friend and I felt I could tell her anything. My love for her was enormous and being away from her seemed liked a nightmare.

That nightmare became a reality. My parents decided that we should move abroad. Miles and miles away from her. We couldn’t even say goodbye. Everything happened so fast. I was heartbroken and couldn’t understand why life is so cruel.

In time, I got married to a good woman. But I never could forget my first love. I thought about her often and talked about her whenever presented with the opportunity. After some time, my wife decided that she wanted to meet my first and, between us, only love. We flew back home and I introduced them. This 10 minutes long meeting ignited my feelings even more. Up until now I never thought something can happen because she was so far away.

I found her again two years ago. Now I was married with children. The amazing girl had grown in an amazing and stunning woman. She is the most beautiful and best thing in this world. She too was married with children. That reassured me that nothing can happen. After keeping in touch trough chat and emails, we decided to meet eye to eye.

My feelings grew stronger. I began thinking that life without her is no life. This woman gives me things that even my life can’t. We love each other passionately, but there are many obstacles. Despite that, I’m ready to wait a lifetime for her. I no longer care what would happen, about my wife or my children. The only thing I care about is her. I am ready to drop everything for this goddess of love.

What can I do I love her more than anything.

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