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By: ThinkinBoutYou, USA, 30.11.2013, Comments: 1

To tell you the truth baby, you meant everything to me.
Baby, you were the light in my sky.
Baby, you gave me purpose.
Baby, you were the reason why.
Why I tried, baby, I tried.
I tried to make you happy, baby!
Please don't go baby,
I know I pushed you away baby,
I know I told you to leave baby,
But baby, no!
No baby, no!
Baby, please!
Please baby, don't go!

Come back, baby!
You gave me a purpose, baby!
You made my life complete baby,
I no longer felt lonely baby!
I was fulfilled!
But baby no,
No baby, please don't go,
Baby no!
Come back baby,
Please don't go.

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