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A misunderstanding

By: sada, India, 07.11.2012, Comments: 10

Hi myself Viki. I am 25 year old. I am narrating this story with the message to people who are in love. Its time for me to decide something in life and move on but not able to.

I joined a college in 2005 for studying a paramedical course. I was a simple guy who was scared to talk to girls. So spent most of my first year life talking to guys (as its a paramedical course class consisted of 6 guys and 35 girls). In my second year i met a junior named Shh... (i dont want to disclose her name). She had a beautiful smile (although she was not fair, she was so beautiful), and most important is her dance. She is the best in her dance that she was quite famous in whole city. Initially I had not given much attention to her. But one day I just saw her crying and tears rolling out of her eyes with two of her friends trying to console her. I felt like talking to her and just convinced her saying the cry wont suit her face. Smile suits her face far better.

I don knw what happened that night she messaged me saying thanks. How she got my number and got to knw about me is still unknown. Thus we started chatting and we became close. They had a group of 5 ppl (2 guys and 3 girls)and because of her I too became one of them. Gradually I felt she might be the best person to share my life. Because she understands me very well and cares for me. Finally a midnit she messaged asking for spending her life with me. I agreed.

Life was cool for 2yrs. We understood each other very well. My mother was also happy to have such a girl as her daughter in law. My friends and whole college were speaking that WE BOTH are the best couples and made for each other.

But I didnt expect life will turn in reverse. In my final year due to my mother's health problems, I had to approach a first year junior girl's father to help me out. As he was in the same department. To short the story, she (her name in short B.S)spoke to all her friends and my friends in a way that we I am having a relation with her. These matters were going without knowing to me. Finally my dearest Shhh came n asked me if its true. I told Shh the truth that :"I love only you, and you are my wife. And my love is true for you".

But her curiosity increased and she started asking my friends. My great friends believed B.S and not me. Everyone suspected my love towards Shh. And with such good friends and love still I spent my last days of college lonely. Finally Shh told me "I wont believe you. When so many ppl say this things, accept the truth that you dated her too". I was in a shock. My love, whom I accepted already as wife was not believing me.

I had to leave the city for my post graduation. During this mean time I tried talking, convincing Shh about the matter. No improvements. Now its 2012, and B.S got married to some guy in 2011 and is leading a happy life. Still I love Shh the same I used to do. One misunderstanding made us apart. 2012, we are in same college, where she is doin her post graduation and I m staff in the same college. And she behaves just as if I am a unknown person which hurts a lot.

I can never accept any other girl in her place. The love which I had to give to Shh for throughout my life is left within me. I never thought her as my girlfriend. Always I took care of her, loved her as my wife. Life has become so lonely. Friends who ditched me are not with me, my love lost the trust on me.

I am happy in my life, but just that its a lonely life. My message to people who are in love is, "TRUST and UNDERSTANDING EACH OTHER are important along with love and care for a relation". This is what life taught me. Even though Shh is far from me, still my love for her is alive. I can never forget her.

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