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My sad love story

By: heartbroken, USA, 06.08.2013, Comments: 6

4 years ago i met a guy,he was all i wanted,i felt in love and i new that he is love of my life...after 2 years we got married,after a year he went to visit his sister in australia,when he came back he came totally different,i would asked him honey wats wrong but he wouldnt say anything...after 2 years marriage he dissaperaid for 2 weeks,i didnt know where he is for 2 weeks,then he called me from australia to tell me that he got married,i was shocked,he divorced me and i didnt knew anything,i remeber once he gave some papers to sign but i didnt pay attention because i had some family problems...he planed everything for a after 4 month what he did to me,he contacted me to tell me that he regrets

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