A Little Love Story

by Crizie True stories Love 2 comments

miracles really do come true, i think that we have been given some of the most beautiful presents this world has to give. we have the joy and strength and support of being true companions, and we have all the feelings and specials meanings that treasure brings, all the "KNOWING WHY" and the "UNDERSTANDING WHEN" we have the sharing instilled in us and a kind of caring that words can't describe. no matter how high the walls may be between other people, there is an open door between us that always leads to love, and a window that looks out upon a beautiful view... a miracle keeps on coming true.

i am going to love him all my life, through whatever comes along. the feeling i have will stay strong and true, knowing that our tomorrows hold so much promise for us.

I believe that i cannot change the past, but i most definitely can make the future-My past relationship is not good.Now, I am blessed with a second chance to life which has shown me that life is a gift and i must cherish every moment of it, good, bad and indifferent. I believe in fate and destiny and have always been in search of something that i'm quite not sure exists...then he came.

The understanding of speechlessness is oh so real to me, for he have been able to knock the wind from my ears. The thought of him has consumed my every waking hour.

I have longed for so long for that someone who cares to take the time to know me for who i am. A person who enjoys the company of another. One who is satisfied with sitting in the sand and holding me while the sun sets. One who can look into my eyes and know that my heart belongs to him.

My emotions are true and when i FALL i fall hard. My intentions are pure and wish for the same in return. I am not looking for a short relationship or a roll in the hay but a i am looking for a life time of Love. I am looking for someone who makes my tummy flutter by every time i see or think of him.

I'm still not sure where this is going to go but i am more than willing to take this Journey. My feelings are mutual as far as desire, I have never tried a relationship younger than me anything, so patience is what i will need to practice. practice perfection in patience and understanding Until then....

I Am So in Love with Him, No one ever touched my life like this.

Ours story is a miracle and romantic and were starting to built a strong and unbreakable foundation so i will write again to continue of our story... oh wait guys i just want you to know were accidentally met in Fx one of passenger vehicle at metro manila, i will tell on my next story from the start we met... see you