A painful break up

by anita True stories Separation 14 comments

Hi am anita . I am 14 years old. There was a boy named siam. I dont know that why i feel good when i am with him. I always wanted to stay with him. Gt was the incident of 2012. One day he came and proposed me. The after 3months i accepted his proposal.

It was the most happiest day of my life. Then after 1month 5days i felt that something is fishy on his. I felt that me didnt love me. Then when i researhed on him i got to know that he has 9 more girl friends. I was shocked. Cuz i loved him more than my life. I can die for him.

Then i broken up. Then he told everything about him to me. After that i asked him that why did u do this to me? What was my fault? Then he reply me 'my favourite game is to play with girls feeliegs and to take their money.