A True Love Story

by Muskaan True stories Love There are many comments

Many persons mix the other things with the true love, like, if they are just attracted to anybody or if they hve a girlfrnd or boyfrnd. . .with whom they go out for fun or a date. . .they think that "Arre yaar ! I love him/her a lot . . Truely. But dats not a true love.

I am a true lover. According to me a true love is like. .. U luv a person n u can never spare him/her. U cant see or even imagine that gal/guy with anyone else. U care for ur luv truely, if ur family is against ur luver, then also u dont leave him/her. If anybody says sumthng wrong bout ur luv, u juss stand to take ur luvers side or sumtimes to fight.

I m Muskaan, 18 years old, a cute n sweet gal who luvs his guy madly n truely.

I met him when i was juss 10years old and he was 13. I was in std. 5th and he was in 8th. He was living in his naani's home frm his childhood. One day, when i reached ma tution, i went inside, he was sitting there. I didnt know him. Ma teacher introduced him to me. He was a new student in our school.After the class, we used to play 2gether everyday. We became gud frnds. He used to cum to ma home daily for playing with me.

One day, a group of frnds came to ma home, he was also there. We started playing a game, the game was like.. Many names are written on a paper and one persn has to answer that what he wil do with that persn whos name is there. A frnd of mine started hiding the names, n he was going on answering , he gave an answr dat i wil Kiss it, wat we saw ? ma name was there. That was the first time when we felt somethng for each other. We started luking to each other's eyes.

Everyday was going on very smothly. 1 year passed.

Now i was in std 6th and he was in std 9th. After he passed 9th, he went. . I didnt know where n why ? He didnt gave even his numbr. Cozz His behaviour was very childish, we were kids at that time, we didnt know wat is love . Bt he cud hve told me dat he is going.

After few days, i started missing him a lot. I used to cry daily. He was juss liking me but he didnt know, i started luving him. I used to cry n pray daily dat plz god, if i cud see him once. I wasnt having his numbr or his adress. I told ma problm to one of ma frnd, she brought me his numbr. I called in dat numbr, a lady told me dat he is nt here.

One day, i went to search his home with ma sister. I got it after wandering 3hours. We met his maama's daughter, she told dat he is in raipur with his parents, studying there n he wil nt cum here again(for his studies). Its very shocking n unimaginative dat, a 12years gal is searching the home of a persn to whom she luvs. We went, i was very sad, i continued crying n praying for 6 months, if i cud see him once.

One day, in the evening, when i was standing out of ma home. Wat i saw ! I was surprised, i saw himmm. I started crying, god accepted my prayer. He was with his frnds in his bicycle. He went again. Next day i thought dat yesterday was the last day n he wil nt cum again. 1 year passed. I was in std 7th. It took 1year to forget him.

When i reached std 9th, i changed ma school. One day, when i was in the school bus, the bus when stopped at his stoppage, can u imagine ! I saw him, i.e. After 2 years he came back. I was surprised, totally shocked. . I was thinking How can this b possible ? He came inside the bus. I turnd back to see him, he was also seeing me. I was verry happpy. He dint talk to me, i think he was afraid.

After few days, i started hating him cozz he told everybdy that he luvs me. The boys started taunting me with his name. He was a bad influence on me. He started calling me, following me. Bt i wasnt ready to talk to him. After 6 mnths, i became his frnd. Bt i told dat u wont tell anybdy that i talk to u. He agreed. After few mnths he proposed me bt i dint answr.

I reached std 10th. I went to hostel. After passing std10th, when i came back home, he calld me n told dat he wasnt able to concentrate on his studies. One day, we plannd to go out wid frnds as we were gud frnds. We went out. We enjoyed. Dat was the first day when we hugged n kissed.

The very next day, when he calld me at night, i told him dat i luv u too. He became very happy. I accepted him coz he doesnt drink or smoke,he cared fr me, he never hurted me, he never complained, he listened whenever i scolded him, he did everythng as per ma wish, he waited 2years fr me.

Now , we are together, n i m verrrry lucky coz he luves me very much, he didnt leave me at the time when his family told him to leave me, when they bet him. He talks to me daily, his family doesnt know dat we r together now also coz if they'll know dis than they'll take his cell frm him n then how we'll talk. He is studying so he cant do anything rite now. After studies, we r going to marry each other.

We r incomplete widout each othr. Isnt it a true love story. . .