Am I wasting my time?

by Zehl True stories Love 8 comments

Im in a relationship for more than 3 years now, at first i felt the love that we both have for each other but as time passes by Im slowly feeling incomplete longing for something or someone I dont know. I try not to admit it to myself thinking that its normal for long commitment to experience ups and down. But, what makes me sad is im not getting younger, would id stay wd d person that im 101% sure of loving me even though im not happy anymore or just simply quit and give up our almost four year relationship.

Another thing that upsets me is his immaturity, Im 26 and he is two years younger than me but its not an excuse for him to be that immature. Im already on my way to finish my masters degree while he is not doing anything for our future.

Im working and he is just staying home not even studying. Ive done everythng to push him through but every thing seems useless to him and now im losing my patience.

What shall i do?