Can't move on and can't let go.

by Amputeebeauty True stories Love 8 comments

Well here's my story..okay I started dateing this guy in February 2011 and we just really hit things off really good. I mean we were so much alike and I seriously thought we were soulmates and sent to eachother. Me and him dated for a year and got engaged in February of 2012.

We was planning our wedding to be in the summer. But something bad happen to us we was in a tragic tornado accident together and we both were hurt physically. It's a long story to go into on here but we both suffered a lot of injuries and stayed in the hospital for awhile.(my injuries was a lot more severe) but anyways we ended up going seperate ways because stuff just happen alot of trauma and we both just kind of went seperate ways for different reasons. We kind of tried to work things out a few months later after the split up but things just wasn't the same. We had both just been through so much and we just decided it was best to leave things alone and go on with our lives. So we did..we don't ever talk anymore..unless it's just casual email randomly. Which is now hardly ever. But I can't seem to move on..

I know in my heart that me and him will not ever be together anymore because it just isn't meant to be. But I can't seem to just move on with my life and be with someone else.(even though he has) I mean I have went out with other guys a few times and even dated one guy again and had a relationship with him for about a month. But it seems like I can't really ever just move on and let go of the past.

I can't get close to anyone again..part of it is i'm scared of getting hurt and other part is i believe i'm trying to hang out to something that's already gone and I can't let it go. I want to let things go but it's hard. I want to move on and find someone else and let someoen else into my life but I don't know how. I sometimes feel like i'm stupid for feeling that way and like i'm the only girl in the world that can't move on from a relationship thats been over for almost a year now..

if anyone has any advice please give it to me lol. Thanks.