Friend - rival

by anonymous True stories Hate 6 comments

I am 38 y. old and happily married for many years. We have two wonderful children. I have a problem that many wives have, so I would like to help me with advice.

My husband has a childhood friend who married 3-4 years after us to a woman I can briefly describe as the dream woman for every man - pretty, with nice body, kind, helpful, etc. I also liked her we are family friends for many years.

My husband is not the type womanizer, and keeps family and family values close to his heart and with few exceptions we haven’t had problems with the opposite sex, but I was consumed by a secret jealousy, which sometimes makes me behave abnormally and that bothers me.

We visit our friends on many occasions and often I feel like a "second hand" woman not because my husband offends me or something, but I see him take sleek looks at her and feel his adrenaline, which increases when he comes close to her/ no way all men feel that way /, but this is the same looks and passion with which he looked at my before and although I have tried to keep good appearance, be the perfect housewife, mother and mistress I have a feeling of helplessness because I know that even if nothing happens he’s in love with her and fight with himself internally.

Please advise me how to behave – don’t want to ruin the relationship with our friends, it makes me feel like the villain of the story the more because they are friends of the children, but at the same time I’m afraid of the events that may occur and destroy the harmony in my family.