Heart break

by Lhiane True stories Separation 2 comments

i want to share my story for those people who feels heart break too ..

* it was started when i was 19 yrs old i fall in love so fast , to guy that i met in the province when me and my family was on vacation , he was my crush at that time so when he courting me ill say yes , that was so past, i found out myself so inlove with him and later on i discovered he has a gf to..

I was crying to my mom and she told me forget that guy, but i cant . My family decide to go back in manila so i go there too without knowing him that im leaving .. After a months he always txt and call me , i ignore it all. So we dont hav any comunication last april i go to province to attend family reunion , my cousin told me go to church .. i ask her why? she told me say goodbye to ur ex , i was crying and run to my room , i feel the pain inside ' i wont to go there and stop him , but i cant do any stupid things .. even hes married he's stil txt me , i told him stop and focus to his wife his new life ..

he told me hes still luv me' and ask me why i live him ? And later on i knew he marry that girl becoz they told him shes pregnant but its untrue ...