Hum in the morning

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In a beautiful morning, I woke up from my deep sleep. I saw around me was quiet, but the front door slightly open. I guess, my mother has not gone to market but my father would have been in the fields.

I remember, this day is a Sunday, the day I was love and always I am waiting for, normally, I can wake up late and do not have to shower in the morning. I can just play with all my heart's all the day. All my friend out there would be waiting me. We always play kites in the former harvest dry fields yesterday.

But this time I was bored. In addition, my kite laying and lost last week, flew in the wind toward the sea, and I could not save, may have drowned on the seabed. Thoughtfully, sitting alone in front of the door, I looked at the sky full shades of blue, very clear, occasionally passing a bunch of wallet birds broke the silence. Neighboring mango orchard were fruitful but no mature, still raw. I pictured the harvest time, loved being there while occasionally enjoying mango meat tenderness. Delicious. Maybe season four months the harvest will come again. While in the field, I saw the rest of the harvest yesterday, dry land and some former rice straw that are not used by the farmer.

I almost feel bored, when I see backward, turns out she brought a cup of tea and a plate of boiled cassava. I think only one word, delicious. “Breakfast first, before going to play. “ “ Where is father, mum ? “ “Into the fields, there are some neighbors cows need to be given a lot of grass and today your father went to the neighboring village fields because the surrounding grass has not been so high. "

Grab my bike, intending to go to the beach. But I heard a faint, Angklung Bali hymns reverberate natural tickle.

I think it was Mr. Putu, kind-hearted neighbor. Besides hobby Balinese music plays, he also loves to teach girls neighboring dancing Bali. With colorful outfits with motion swing that captivates, making especially pleased that there are often guest watch strangers play here.

Suddenly, in the distance I saw a tiny figure in the middle of the road, covered with wounds all over his body. Closer, I saw a very cute cat lying in the middle of the road full of pain. I thought, there must be someone who hit it but it is very cruel for letting these creatures just lying in the street. Although he's just a cat, but we are the same creatures of God, should not this cruel act.

With compassion, I took the kitten and then I take it to a physician. Actually this man can not help much, because he is please treat sick people. But at least he knows how to treat wounds.

Exactly my thoughts. He could treat.

The day wore on. Soon I pedaled slowly because one hand tightly holding this kitten. I intend to play to the house of one of my beauty friends, her name is Putu ............... I hope on Sunday she was at home.

Putu simple house, with a garden full of flowers and fruit. Very beautiful, located near the coast. My doorbell push the fence and a minute passed, aides out.

We both looked engrossed kitten purring sleep in peace. We thought maybe two a month or so will be healed and he could play again as usual with others cats.

I excused myself from Putu, “When he had recovered, you please notify me at home, OK?” Putu nodded. Sun about to set on the beach and when I see in the foothills of Bali, the dark slowly envelop the earth. My bike fast water dipper leave Putu home and go back my home.

Tomorrow morning, I greeted back nature.