I am pregnant, but I am scared

by Lina True stories Pregnancy 4 comments

You might get bored with a wish-wash story. I wished so much to have kids. I made an abortion three years ago, it was not the right moment/financial difficulties, other headaches, as well as antibiotics taken in the beginning of my pregnancy, very small fetus in the 3rd month/ but I wanted so much… It was very hard for me since that time.

We’ve been trying for a long time after that, until we understood the problem, we solved it, and it happened right after that. He was very happy, after he saw the test, he was glad. But he lost control somehow…

I am in the 5th month pregnant. I worried a lot in the beginning, from miscarriage or any problem that can occur.

My poor husband stand everything, even to care of me, to cook/poor egoist, he is not used to, but his love to me and the baby made him sacrifice/

We started to quarrel, what is bad, he quit his job, now he’s trying to find a new one, but this makes me nervous…

I have difficult pregnancy, I stayed in a hospital for a while, now the baby is ok, but I don’t want to worry, I need patience so much, but we are both nervous. He is trying to hold on, but he’s a big child, who needs more care. I have the impression like I am not pregnant, and I have to saddle with a task.

During the first two months he was so kind taking care of me, but now from two months like I can’t relax, he needs my help and support, I have to treat his depression. But I became aggressive during the pregnancy, and I can hardly stop myself, I don’t want to harm the baby, it’s a dear.

My husband explodes, but he’s trying not to hurt me, even though it’s an absolute madhouse. There are moments when we love each other so much, and we enjoy our baby, but if any problem financial, negligence, daily, or philosophical, one of us goes mad/more often he/and if he totally lose control, I start yelling and quarreling with no mercy.

It’s a bad strategy, but having on mind my pregnancy, I can’t control my emotions, and let us calm down soon and let everything be ok.

I want to give birth to my baby, but I am so scared, if any of you have passed this way, I’ll be glad to give me an advice, and courage. And what can I do, you get bored of my stupid stories, but I need to share all these…

Kiss you all, girls. I am 33 year old.