I love him, although i know i will never hear him sayingthe same

by Angie True stories Love 3 comments

Hi, everybody!

I read the stories in this site regularly, and finally I got the courage to tell mine. It started a year ago, when I went out for a coffee with somebody I knew. We were not dating, we had just a coffee, but after that he started to visit me very often, he came to me at least twice daily.

We were talking, and watching each other and the eyes were sparkling. I am 30 year old he is 8 years older. So one day I felt I wanted to kiss him, as I understood he will not be the first to make a step, and I did it, I kissed him. This was a moment of a great happiness for me and it last for a year. He didn’t miss a day to pass and not to see me, he kissed me with such passion that I faint. I fell in love. I am such a sincere person, I say everything I feel, I can’t hide my feelings.

One day as we were kissing I was watching his eyes and I said “I love you”, and then, instead of reply the same way or just keep silent he said to me this is nonsense. It did not offense me, I didn’t react, but I was hurt.

He keeps on coming, and I show him my love every day. I am sure he loves me too, but he is such of a kind that never confess his love. He is not a stony to me, I can read this in his eyes, otherwise why would he come to me every single day, sometimes just for two minutes, to kiss me and disappear again. For the year we’ve met, he had never mentioned sex, it’s not that we don’t want, but I have no explanation why.

It’s enough for me in generally to see I am desired, liked and probably loved. He makes me happy each time he looks at me. I love him although I know I will never hear him saying the same.

Thanks to everyone who bared me.