I love them both!

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I’ve been married for ten years. My marriage is a happy one and we have a 7-year-old child.

You wander what more could I want?

I’ve been maintaining a love-affair for 2 years with someone else. At first we didn’t say a word to each other; then, we got closer; we talked for hours; we laughed. He started sharing his family problems with me and this was the way we became friends.

I changed the place I worked and two days after that we started our relationship. I’ve never thought that I will be faithful to my husband, but I’ve also never imagined that I could have such deep feelings for some other man.

My love is for both of them! I’d never divorce and I don’t want the other person to do it. I think highly of his family. But put together, both of my men represent the perfect MAN. But it is the same when they are separated!

When I’m with the one, my thoughts are occupied with the other, and visa versa. My husband found out but he was not so upset until the moment he discovered that I had feelings for this person. Now we hide and we keep seeing each other. I’m afraid!

I can’t imagine bringing to an end my extramarital affair. Where will this lead us to and what price will I pay?