i search my destiny

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i was only grade five when i saw unfamiliar face of a cute boy in the backyard of my dearest god parents i told my self 'oh whos that boy hes so cute but he is malnourished becoz hes so thin, 'i got crush on him of course i do my best to know not only the name of my crush for all about him when i found out his the cousin of my close god brother,everyday i always look at him but he doesnt care about my presence i want to talk to him i want to introduce my self to him but i have no chance to do it..

im ready to give up that i cannot talk to him..but one day god answers my prayers i was watching a baskelball league when i saw him he was going out from the kitchen of my god parents,and he was standing at my back of course i grab the opportunity i asked him what hes favorite sport he told me volleyball i tease him i told him if hes a gay..why his favorite sport is volleyball why its not basketball, he told me 'im not gay in our school boys also play volleyball with irritated voice.

i laugh at him im happy to see him that his mad at me.then i go back to our house,the next day i found out he also go back to his house his vacation is already done.i research him a lot,i wish to see him again,time goes by i met a lot of guys and falling inlove of them i broadcast some of them to my dearest siblings,and friends but my feelings to grade five boy i kept it for my self..after how many years i always wondring how does his face looks,one day i asked his cousin how is he..his cousin told me his still single his waiting for me..i laugh because i know he doesnt know my name..i search him in facebook i know in my heart im very much sure he is my destiny,and my feelings to him never change,until i found him i use to have a code name at first i told him i got crush on him when i was a kid,hes so flattered and he wants to see me,but i told him his my destiny,i tease him, i combined our pictures in public,he was so mad at me,he told me dont make him as a sort of fun..i was hurt because for me im serious but he doesnt believe,so to make him believe i reveal to him the real me..my friends told me if i introduce my self to him does he recognize u?i answered if he cannot recognize me for sure he will never forget me,and my friends advice me to show some motives to him,but i dont know to show some motives,so what i did i told him my motives that we are destiny..he got mad again with me...i pray harder to god to see him again,and god is good he recognize me i deny it,because im so shy for i did suddenly i told him after he embarassed me i will never like him again. time goes by we start the friendship,and his start to ask to court me, but i told him be sure to his decision because when i started to like him again and answer him,i will never let him go..a couple of months were getting married and every one is shock and happy when i reveal who is my greatest love,i thank to god to grant my greatest wish..since i was a kid until now.im very happy because i never give up to search my destiny,i do believe we are the one who will make our destiny and since he is my destiny i work very hard to have it..i have no regrets to all the men i let them go because in my heart i know i will search my destiny and i will found him never let it go..=)