I Still Miss You...

by Lostgirl True stories Separation 4 comments

It all started on Facebook ! I was looking through one of my friend's friend list, and I found HIM! I don't know why, but he caught my attention, so I sent him a friend request!! later that day, he added me ! I sent the first message, and he replied !! The only bad thing was that we were miles and miles apart!! :(( well we started by talking as friends, but our feeling grew stronger for each other ! I finally admitted to him how I truly felt, and to my surprise, he felt the same way!! WE BOTH LIKED EACH OTHER!! ((: we still kept talking until January 2013! He finally asked me out, and I said yes!!! We lasted only two weeks, but we were still friends afterwards ! We kept talking and then I couldn't take it anymore because I just missed him, so I decided to deactivate my Facebook! I thought that was the best thing! But I missed him!! EVERYTHING !! We didn't talk for a while and then we started to talk again ! Feelings came back, and I told him straight up how I felt!! I told him that I had never stopped liking him! That he meant a lot to me!! He has been my everything for a while now!!! He also told me the same ! At that moment , I felt butterflies in my stomach even though we were miles apart!!! The phone calls started, and I started falling for him even more ! He asked me out !!!!! And I obviously said YES!!!! We lasted a month or so!! All of that time was amazing !! My family accepted him even though his didn't accept me! He gave me a lot of memories !! Once he broke up with me, I went out with his step-brother!!! BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE!!!

I was just trying to forget about him, but it didn't work ! We ended up as friends, but we hardly talk now! I still miss him!! His texts , our little arguments , just everything !!! I wish I could have him back !!! Even though we're not going out , I still get jealous ! I still care about him , but I think I should move on because I'm just hurting myself !!! He will always have a place in my heart no matter how much I try to get over him!!