I'm in love with my boss

by Anna True stories Careers There are many comments

I’ve been plucking up courage to write to you for a long time but today I decided to tell my story and probably to find somebody who can give me a piece of advice or just listen to what I have to say.
The problem is that I’m in love with my boss and I can’t admit my feelings to him. Everybody will think that this is just a pretext for getting a promotion or for keeping my job. They can’t understand that this is love actually. And what if he refuses me flatly? I will look like an absolute fool. How will I look him in the eyes? I’ll have to quit my job although I really like it and need it.
I can feel that his attitude towards me is different but sometimes he acts in the same way with the others....
I don’t know…. it’s really hard for me to hide my love but it’s even harder to admit it.