Is This love or Stupid?

by Leo J True stories Love 7 comments

I'm new here and not really good at saying this type of stuff,I'm just here to share my true story,I'm not a writer or anything,and I've bad grammar I'm a boy so i can't just say stuff like this to my friend as it will make me gay or something like that,please comment and advice me on what you think,you can give negative comments if you think you should

I love a girl from my school but she doesn't love me one bit, not one tiny bit,but its not that she hate me too,she say that she just have no feelings for me she said it her self,we do talk sometime like on facebook but not a lot since she not online most of the time,i been loving this girl for 3 years now knowing that I've no chance at all and we are in different country now,I'm a boy but I've cried for this girl,she have boyfriends too but i still love this girl.

I want her to be happy even it mean hurting my self so i try my best not to talk to her since her sister told me that whenever i talk with her she annoyed but because she don't want to be rude so she reply me only.All my friend told me to stop loving her I tried but i can't, i make like a list to my type and its the exact opposite of her but still i love her,i tried to stop seeing her face,text and everything for nearly 3 months to forget about her but it doesn't work.i tried dating other girl that my friend introduce but still i can't stop my self from thinking about her.Can someone out there have any suggestion for me?should i keep on loving her?