Jealousy or what

by Abby True stories Jealousy 3 comments

I have been married for five wonderful years. We have it all mutual understanding, common interests, good sex life, nothing to complain about not even financial troubles. But I have a problem.

My husband is one of those charming men with perfect manners who captivate everyone with ease. That is one of the reasons why I married him but nowadays this part of his personality makes me nervous.

It really bothers me when he pays attention to other women or when they pay too much attention to him. It doesn’t matter if it is a family friend, a waitress, the next door neighbor or even my sister. I get unreasonably angry and start thinking he is cheating on me with the woman he is talking to. I bite my tongue and think of a reason why they should end the conversation.

The monotony is killing me and I think it does the same to him. So I don’t understand why his innocent flirting is bothering me so much.

I hate that I spoil my own mood because of such trivial things.