Love does not couse a thing

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The days I will never forget. I thought I was in love but I told my self lairz and I asked my self how could normal person do prombles was compitetion I had towards my friends. my friends were dating soooo many awesome girls but me I could'nt. I tried to tell some few girls how I felt about them,they just laugh at m as if I do not dasevir to be loved even my friends did so and I felt so alone becouse my friends started acting MISDEMEANOUR only becouse I had no money to buy beautiful cloth' I told my self one day I will be more than they are today. so I started to read my books and studying hard and my friends were doing opposite things like going out 4 a whole day smoking, dranking beers non stop and telling me I'm just a losser like lose panty. after 2 years at college I got a barsairy from lonmin mine's becouse of my top performance and brought me a car and a house worthy 4 million. when I looked at my old bubbies some lived in the street's some a jumkies and girls have so many babies even some their do not how's their realy father.some asking job from me the guy how had no money and version. if you wanna seccussed don't beg 4 love couse love doesn't couse a thing