Love tetragon

by Sonia True stories Cheating 1 comment

Here is my story – I started an affair with my husband’s best friend. Gradually, things got serious and we started falling in love with each other.

I wanted all this to stop because I love my husband. We have two wonderful children and I felt awful knowing what I’m doing to them. But despite that I needed to continue my secret love affair.

One day I found out that my husband had a relationship with my lover’s wife. It was true, as funny as it might sound. We both admitted our fault and decided that all this has to stop. I found it harder because of my deep feelings, but I made an enormous effort.

We gathered our best friends to talk and confessed our mistakes. We decided that we had to keep our friendship, no matter what. We are still doing our best to get over this and, step by step, we will manage it.

My husband and I are happier than ever. Now, we have the love we had in the beginning of our relationship.