Moustachio & Ring Road ***s love

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It was love at first site, we met on an online chat site. We both declared our love, you know and the rest of it. This was five years ago, and I still love her. We've both had other relationships and both kept running back to one another because we felt the love all the time, I love her and she loves me yet we hide it cos of the breakups we've had. I hurt her, she hurt me. We lost one another for three months, almost and then she came back in my life. She is still with ginger waldo and I found someone because I genuinely thought I lost her forever. I declared my love...eventually and she did after some hiccups along the way of making me jealous etc. It worked, I was like putty to her, but I held back a little, not wanting to go through that heartbreak again and I came clean about it. I mean I did everything for her, moved to another country and sacrificed a lot! She knows this and says she appreciates it and I guess I believe her. Anyway I told her I want her back and that she needs to step up and commit to me properly, no more half assing it. We kept talking the whole of last week and then it stopped on Monday because I was scared after a bit of online intimacy. In all honesty it was amazing, but immediately I thought is it just sexual or are we going to make this happen?! I still was weird the next day and then on Monday I was kidding and accidentally pissed her off. Not great I know but she asked for space and I gave it. I'm beginning to feel she didn't want me to begin with. She said I did what he usually does - freak out, and I told her I never denied it at all and that I am sorry blah blah blah and the times she behaved this way like the soldier I am I marched on and took it in my stride and dealt with her moodswings. Did I deal with I a lot - hell yes I did! But I know we are two different individuals but love is love and I lost all that negativity on Monday but I pissed her off too much. I really really do love her so much, I would sacrifice my life for her in a millisecond! She knows this but apparently doesn't feel it since I was scared of her leaving again. I proved my love so many times by dumping my gfs and choosing her each and every time.

I know she comes on here, wel I hope it's this site, if not ill keep posting until she reads it.

Baby, walahi I lve you so much, you took my heart the moment I saw your picture of you holding a banana as a gun, or the first time I saw you on cam and you were studying saying: "Chapter2, chapter 4" obviously I cracked up but you looked hot. I love your smile or the crazy faces you pull, so baby let's admit...there are lots. I love everything there is about you, I know I get annoyed at your moods but baby I have dealt with them for five yrs so relax, I just want to hold you in my arms and give you my special baby kisses on your forehead and make you mine forever, 24/7 every single day. I proposed once, I will do it again and again until I'm yours, and you are mine and we make our family once and for all like we discussed it! Now baby please give me a smile and get your ass back to me cos in my arms is where you belong, you're already in my heart, you never left. I know what you're thinking so stop! We both blocked it and are guilty of that. Think of this, if I didn't I would never have cried all those times last week, I never would have become annoyed and passionate about how we kept breaking up. I care, love, want, need, miss you baby. You know it! I love you my Carmen! Your Shane.

Btw, we are both women. Not that it matters, but yeah!