My Bff Aka My Bf

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Hi guys , well this story is about this guy that i realy like , he's my boyfriend at the momment . But i just felt like writing my story ... okay , well im 15 years old . Im in 9th grade . He's 15 also going on 16 , but he's a 10th grader . but we go to different schools. well i was 13 years old , in 7th grade. when we met . I met him at the mall .. one of my guy friends , Jason, intruduced me to him . He told me that he thought i was cute and stuff .. but i didnt like him like that . He was waaay shorter than me and chubby (x he would message me on fb , and i would ignore him . sometimes i would reply cus i felt bad though . time past and we never talked again , i never seen em at the mall anymore ... he didnt try talkin to me on fb . nothing .

About 6 months later . i was at the mall and i seen my cousin Jose i went up to him . He was with a guy .. the guy smiled . "Im taller than u now" he said. I asked myself who he was .. I went to ma friend laura and asked her . "isnt dat Angel martinez ????" "Yeah it is !" she told me .. he changed ALOT . he got taller , skinnier , he was wearing hollister , skinnies, and a snapback .. [swag fag LOL cx] He looked WAAAY different . i never noticed his eyes .. he had blueish greenish eyes . i never even noticed . i felt dumb for not even noticing him . for ignoring him .. later he started going out with my friend joselyn .. and i started going out with his friend Diego . We would all talk on fb i would get on diego's and joselyn would get on angel's and we would talk and stuff we were all just good friends . me and joselyn would be like "u guys cute" "u guys cuterr" and stuff . then time passed and me and diego broke up because he was bogus a'f to me . Angel told me that i didnt diserve dat . and dat he was bogus . So we broke up .. after he made a status for no reason saying "i wish i was single ;" but i realy didntt care cus he would flirt wit other girls . and he wouldnt even delete his msgs . he would let me see it . and i would tell em to stop calling girls "babe" "Beautiful" "sexy" ect .. but he wouldnt listen.

we only lated for like 2 weeks, so then angel and joselyn broke up too becus joselyn broke up wit him for no reason . right after he gave her a beanie for christmas ._. i thought that was bogus af doe . they almost made it to a month .. Me and Angel became like bestfriends doe .. (: like 3 months later we started flirting and stuff then he told me he had a crush on me and i told him i did too . He said he had a crush on me for a while and i told em i liked em before dat .. nobody knew we were "talking" . except for my friend laura .. and his friends Jason and Armando... We were scared to tell my cousin Jose since they were good friends and he was realy protective over me.. but we finally told em . he got mad and stopped talking to me for like 2 weeks.

in those 2 weeks me and Angel started going out . he asked me out in person c: we had our first kiss a week before we started going out doe . but then my cousin jose started talkin to me again and he wasnt mad nomore . When everyone already found out me and angel were dating they were all like "aww Angel and Angela , thats cute!" Angel and my ex , diego never talked again ;o and neither did me and joselyn but we koo doe . we just werent dat close anymore .. On valentines day Angel gave me flowers and a BIG teddy bear ^.^ i got him a hollister shirt and a teddy bear too with a long letter telling him how much he ment to me c: we also got matching bracelets .. cx my mom knows about him already and so does my dad and my 2 older brothers ;o sometimes he comes over cx and we cuddle ^.^ sometimes we argue but we can never stay mad at eachother .. we broke up at one point for like 5 mins . he was realy mad at me but we worked it out . he gets jelous alot but is all good lol . Well we've been going out for like .. 6 months .. and theres more years to go , i realy like him alot . i love being with him . but i hate that i only get to see him every weekend ; but we work it out C: my parents love him lol . well yeah dats my story guys cx thanx for reading (: -Angela