My love

by Seerat True stories Love 2 comments

Its started in 2011 when I was in my first year of Graduation. Vicky visited our college with his friends who were also my friends and classmates too frm last 3years. I was crossing vicky suddenly we both had a look at eachother. I dont know what happened to me. I call my friend (priya) & ask about him. She told me that he is vicky. Vicky was in some bit doubt that this girl asking about me from priya. He also did the same, he also ask about me from priya. That day we dont even said hello to eachother because we were not introduced. Then some days passed Vijay start teasing me with vicky's name. I asked him why he is doing so then I got to know from priya that Vicky want to be friend with me. I was confused, continuously thinking what to do, what to answer? But later I thought he just want to be my friend, so I dnt think I should have some problem, so I said okie we will be friends. But still we had not exchanged our numbrs. Next day it was off from our college. Vicky came to see my home aftr he heard that I am ready to be friends. Priya call me later and told me that Vicky visited ur place. I was bit confused that why he came? Why he visited my place? I asked Priya that is everything okie with him she just told me that he is falling in love with u. Wow! I was so happy. I said with me? R u serious? Priya's word force me to think about that & seriously, something start happening to me. I always think about him, always wonder if he came to the college again. But one day priya came to my home, that day I was alone at home. It was diwali night therefore my family was gone out to some relatives home. Me & priya was going through a cup of tea with some snacks suddenly her phone bell rings. It was again vijay. They both were having a normal conversation suddenly vicky took the phn from vijay and start talking to priya about me. Priya told him that I am with Sona at her home. Vicky confirmed about who else is there at home, priya said no body. He said okie I am coming(just to see me).. I was blushing.. So much happy! I just washed my face, dressed up and comb the hair. Priya came and start teasing me like ohoooo and all.. I was again blushing. Suddenly her phone bell rings again, vicky again called on her phn because we had not yet exchanged our numbrs. This time vicky was standing outside my house. Priya ask me to go. I was feeling shy but still I move to the terrace. I saw him, he removd his glairs and gve me a smile(this was for the first time). I smiled back.:)

After 5mints I move downwards, priya ask me to call him from my own numbr. But I hesitate exchanging my numbr but then something came into my mind I took his numbr from priya and text him. Seeing my numbr ie immediately call me. We talk to eachothr for some time but then my bhaiya bhabhi came back to home therefore I was suppose to cut the call.

We conthur phone calls and text messages for next 3-4days. On the 5th day he ask me to meet. When I ask him why he just said i want to meet u. I said okie wait for some time I coming to ur university. In the next 1hour I was there in the university. I called him to ask where is he? But he was already coming towards me. I start smiling. When we came close we just shake our hands & immediatly I said I need to go because I was afraid of being caught because it was my first bunk from college. He asj me for a coffee but I refused & because of refusing he was angry with me, so that night I offered him to see movie with me. & he agrees.

Next morning, he came to pick me, we both enjoyed the movie and talk to echother. I was very comfortable with him. I found him very humble. I was in no mood of going back home but he dropped me back home. That time was good which I spend with him. Later the days start passing and we daily talk to echother. We start sharing our problems. Everytime it feels good whenever I talk to him. I started myself as complete. I was already facing some problems from my family side because I dont have my parents since i was 12. When I told him about the family issues he just said a single sentence to me which made me crazy like anything. He ask me to finish my graduation then he will talk to his family & will marry me.(even though we wre not committed still he says me like this) I was so disturbed, already looking for a caring partner and god gave me that & I am very happy in my life today, its just because of him. Today we are comitted and he always take care of me. I dont need to ask anything from my bhaiya bhabhi he always support me and fulfil my desires. He is too ausmm. Love him forever!