Our last night

by Anonymous True stories Separation 2 comments

For a very first time in my life I felt so helpless. For a first time I couldn’t say anything.

I was crying silently and the only thing that made my heart beat was you. And you seem so sad. Where is that charming smile of yours??

I feel your heart crying, it doesn’t want to be lonely. Two crystal clear tears run down your cheek. You turn quickly; you don’t want me to see them. At that very moment I knew you loved me. I am drifting again in my thoughts...

Time has no meaning when I am with you. I notice no one. When you hug me the stars get brighter as if they are small candles lit by our love.

You give me the most passionate nights and the tenderest kisses. When I cuddle in your arms I feel so secure and powerful. I don’t want to think about the future. No, I don’t, not at times like these when I am so happy.

I love you more and more each day. Time is not a bus or a car and it can’t be broken or stopped.

Yes, today is our last night together "Don’t cry, dearest, I want to tell you that I love you more than anything in the whole world "..! For a first time in my life I feel numb, for the first time I hate my fate!

You hugged me in your warm embrace, kissed me, turned and left. My heart was tearing in parts.

I was standing in front of the entrance, seeing the most precious person in my life leave!

For a first time I was so helpless, I wanted but couldn’t stop you.

Today I am here….How quickly life changes.

You were making love to me yesterday passionately, and today a whole ocean stands between us.

I am lying in the bed alone, and the only thoughts I have are again about you!