Taking The Risk

by Sammvie True stories Love 8 comments

Hi. I'm Samvie. First of all, I hate falling in love. I hate having feelings to someone. I just hate it. Maybe it's the fact that I always end up alone while all of my friends are having their 'happiness'. Maybe it's because of my past experiences where-in guys that I would like back then didn't liked me back. And well most of the times I don't see the way love work with anybody.

My problem is, I get attached easily.

Now I'm in college and I lost faith in finding the man of my dreams, but there's this one guy. There's this guy I see everyday at school, and when I walk pass by at him, he usually stares at me and I notice it. Every single time I go to school and I see him there, with his buddies, and he noticing me.

One year had passed since then.

One time in an social networking site, I posted random thought about bands that I liked and he responds to me (telling me he liked those too) and then I realized we have so many things in common. Later on he keeps on sending me messages online, chatting with me, first one to say hi and I really can't help thinking if he likes me. Or maybe I'm just hoping that he do. Cause nobody ever did that to me. Nobody stares at me like that when I happen to walk by at the hallway of our school, nobody likes the same stuff I do, nobody else sees me and even tries to communicate with me.

I know this is pure crap but it's bothering me for days. I know this is just all my thoughts and they're not true at all. Maybe he just wants to be friends and the story all ends like that. The thing is I've developed a crush on him ever since the moment I saw him. And the feeling's getting deeper each day.

I wish I could prevent myself because I don't want to risk anymore. I don't wanna get hurt anymore.