The beauty and the male-virgin

by kikki_dee True stories e-Love 20 comments

I was in a situation that totally confused me and I’ll be happy if you help me with an advice. I’m dating a 23-year-old guy, nothing special on the outside. I’m with him because he is an interesting person – from a psychological point of view. For the first time I meet such a shy man. All in all, we are absolutely different. In other words, I’m too impulsive, warm-blooded and energetic for him. But this is not my point! We won’t be together forever. That’s clear! But for me sex was never a taboo topic. I may say that my sexual experience is very rich. And sex is of huge importance.

So, when I wanted to have sex (on the third date, I admit), he literally knocked me out saying, “I’m a virgin!” I thought he was joking, but, alas, I was wrong. There are too many things that prove this fact.

Now, I’m waiting for an advice. Is there any point of going deeper, with me being “the teacher” (not that I’m not fond of challenges ;). Or should I turn my back on the boy’s potential, risking loosing “the unpolished diamond”. Generally, I’m a patient type of person, but I strongly doubt that this boy (that I’m not attached to) deserves such efforts.