Unexpected, unconditional love!!!

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24th sept,2011.....yaa....that was the date !!

When he proposed me ...I was 14 and the guy whom I loved proposed me !! I was glad ....more than glad actually !!

I said yes !!

We were together for almost 4 months...

21rst jan,2012 .....the day we broke up !

Nd there was no reason for our break-up !

He just told me that he wants to break up with me ....and I like an idiot replied okay !

I didn't even ask him the reason !

I was so much in love with him ! It wasn't easy to move on !

I used to cry whole day for him ! Not able to concentrate on anything .....just wanted him back ...I was crazy for him !!

He never loved me ! Yaa !! He never loved me !!

That made me cry more ! I suffered a lot coz of him !

my friends asked me to try other guys ....but I was like NO ! NEVER ! I don't want to get betrayed again !

I wasted 1 whole year on him ! Thinking about him! Crying for him ! Blaming myself !

After that ....a sweet guy entered my life !

He loved me truly !

I thought of trying with him but the thought that I can hurt him as I dnt love him kept disturbing all the time !

He said that he will make me fall for him !!

I said yes !!

7th feb 2013 ...that was the date !!

And today ....

Here I am..... Deeply fallen in love with him !

I can't even imagine my life without him !

He is the bestest guy on this earth and he is mine !

We both love each other truly !

Yaa......we do fight !!

But our love is forever !

Its never gonna end !!

We are made for each other !

I am 16 now ....and I am sure I am gonna spend my whole life with him !!

He is my life partner !!

I love him a lot !!