What kind of love is this

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Ther war a boy we were in same clas bt 1 day we fought wit eachother.we didnt talk for 4 years bt now we both r at 12clas he always lok at me.i was confuse y he always lok at me bt slowly i began ta love him .he was 2yrs young thn me.he was already in a relationship with my fren bt now they not in relationship.i came 2 kno that he also love me.i became very excited bt some problem came when we both started 2 talk he has 2 go to his 4 citizenship.i was at hostel many people heard about our relationship they didnt like our relationship.so i decided to break up wit him he was a nice guy i cried many time 4 him now we both decided to become fren when he com back from vilage lets se what wil hapen bt i stil love him n he also lo ve me