Without you

by Angry True stories Separation 2 comments

I thought you were the one. We were together for three years; we talked about marriage and even having kids together. We talked about what we would do if we ever lost each other, and we both gave a part if our pasts to one and other. I hate the way our relationship ended, and it makes me so angry that you think I didn't put in an effort or even care. I hate that after three years, you feel like I wanted nothing to do with you. It makes me mad to know that one argument, after being through so much, that that one small argument was the death of our relationship.

Honestly, I don't really miss our relationship anymore, seeing that its already been about 4 months since we broke up, but it does bother me that you seem to think that I didn't care. And you know what reslly killed me? When I saw that you were able to completely be happy and be fine two days after our relationship ended.

How dare you say I didn't care and then go and act like that three years meant nothing two days later? I hate that you were able to be so happy without me. I wanted to be the reason of your happiness, and you didn't let me be anymore. I wanted to be everything you wanted me to be, but you didn't give me a change.

I can't get over how we spent so much time on each other, helping each other, talking to each other, laying down together, holding each other, and generally binding together, and that its all over. It still hurts me; but I know I will be okay.

I'm just hurt. I'm hurt that you were able to move on that quickly, and I'm hurt that you excluded me from your life so quickly. It hurts to know how emotionally invested I was, and yet you took it like a joke --like it didn't matter.

I hate to see that you're so happy without me. I hate to see that I'm no longer the reason of your happiness. And what I hate the most is how many people I sacrificed being with and how many people I didn't allow in my life because you didn't like them, or was jealous. And now I can't get them back. And it wasn't even worth it.