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Comments for 100% True Story - In the mid of a life cris

Hi Friends. To introduce myself, I am Niksa (name changed). I am narrating my 100% true story which I dont know that whether I should call a love story at all. I am writing this story to seek your opinion... Back to text


November 17, 2012 • by Priya

love d person who loves u....


September 30, 2012 • by Ash

Hey Niksa, I dont think one should end their life.. for such trivial things..
and most importantly i think u should just wait and choose neither.. coz ur still young.. give these things some time... and concentrate on ur career and dnt give either of these girls hope.. jus let it be.. trust me.. u wud fall in love again.. and this time.. ur parents also wud accept and evrything will be fine... stop thinking of such stuff.. and be truthful to yourself..


August 23, 2012 • by Naveenjames

Hey Nicksa....or Jigsaw...! You are not worthy to choose either of them you fuckin asshole. Your such a nigga, gay that you dont have guts to confront your parents. Go to hell...Those girls deserve better than you. I really dont know why these girls fall for these kind of freaks who dont have a dick..! If at all i ever come across u in my life ur dead man.!


July 14, 2012 • by Ppu

Hi, really speaking very less guys are of ur kind but I will wish u choose ur 100% true love within these two only. Will not answer ur Q directly.

Ur answer is with U & U know better whom u love take some free time out of ur schedule not lots of efforts r not required close Ur eyes listen 2 what ur HEART says.

That's what u really require still if not pls. but UR eforts.....Bye..good luck


June 27, 2012 • by Nishu

this story is sad. look you should already know who you should be with. you may love apple, but rose waited for u for so long! that kind of love is true dedication. it seems to me in this story that u hav more feelings towards rose than u do for apple. anyway there are multiple reasons for u to get rose...
- she waited for you all this time
- she didnt hate u for leaving her and that is something that alot of girls would have done
- apple only said yes after a long time. you went after her so she said yes. im sorry if that sounds harsh but u really did. i dont think her love is true. i think she is infatuated with you.
- rose sounds like she's true and pure and even if she isnt in your caste,she sounds like a good girl and you should be with her.

apple may be a little hurt but rose would be heart broken. i dont mean to sound...well....mean but you better start loving her back. the girl waited four years for you. a girl like that is very rare and alot of people would give for that.


June 25, 2012 • by Babish

hey,i think you should chose rose and start giving her the love she deserves.that girl have got a good heart for you


June 3, 2012 • by Lavi

itni fattu story maine aj tak ni suni
behanchod sala
chutiyapanti mat kar
suar ke bache
mar ja


May 16, 2012 • by Natasha

i thnk u should choose rose bcoz she waited for uh for 4 years aftr even she had no idea that u will come or of luckk


May 5, 2012 • by Nikem

Why don't u choose d person dat luv u? Dat can't leave u becos of her parent.I think u should choose rose.


May 2, 2012 • by NOTHING

i think u sh0uld ch0ose r0se c0z l0ve d pers0n who l0ves u n0t who u love i think u understant it....bst of luck 4 ur life


April 23, 2012 • by Niksa

Thanks Avantika.


March 27, 2012 • by Avantika

Hey Niksa

I read ur story . You said dat u r a simple guy. I disagree with this. The deed you did is definately nt acceptable. Newayz. Acc. To me you should be with Rose Not because u had a kiss with her. She loves you so much and d love u claim with Apple is may be acc to me ur ego. It happns with us that if u wd have dumped her from ur choice you'd have been thinkin d same thing u felt fr rose in phse 1. But since it wasnt ur choice dat is why ur 'pangs of love' r occurn again n again. Rose waited fr u fr full 4 years. If her love wasnt real. She'd have found someone else by now but even today shez in love wid u. Dont ever feel guilty fr d kiss u had wid her. N think abt it. If you'd have kissed someone out of love n dat person felt guilty abt it.. How wd u feel? N you are intelligent enuf to take ur own decision. Think abt it. N act wisely. All the very best for ur life ahead. Take care.

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100% True Story - In the mid of a life cris

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