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Hi everyone, so sorry for posting this but I really need advices. So here is the case, I met this girl at the gym. At first, I was just adoring her, because she seemed to be so unreachable for me,... Back to text


October 16, 2013 • by Nevermind

just ignore her and time will show its magic.all the best dude


September 17, 2013 • by Elixxa

Seee,woman are kinda very soft hear ted at the bottom of their heart. just show your love and care to her...Prover her thinking wrong only if she really if wrong..If u really love her just prove it... woman only want men who tell them they love her at night and when the sun rise they prove it...!!show her ur feelings but with caution..


September 15, 2013 • by Noshi

hello i m a 25 years women...i have a suggestion for you just ignore her...wait for her response...let the time pass if she doesn't return to you its mean...she isnt made for you.....


September 11, 2013 • by Welwisher

u should also ignore her just d same way as she does $ evry wher just try 2 b cool (not so much) polite in frnt of her & don,t greet her evry tim u meet her..... dis vil definitely work

Suck it Up

August 28, 2013 • by Suck it Up

Dude you are obviously insane and need therapy as well as learn to read signs. You obviously freaked the the crap out of her and she obviously thinks your nuts. My advice is to take your nuts and see if you can find someone who will be nutty enough to accept your nuts and leave that poor woman alone before her boyfriend beats you like a drum to the tune of "My Boyfriends back and your gonna be in trouble!"

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Another chance

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