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Heartbroken seems to be something common in my life. Hi dear readers, I would like to share a story of mine which everything started when I was in my school age. Had this sweet cute love for 5 years when... Back to text


December 9, 2014 • by Riya

u bttr dnt choose anybdy..jst pry hrd enjoy ur lyf nw..m sure u ll gt ur dream boy soon...bttr thn A o ur bf.


November 22, 2014 • by Hena

I should tell U that, who one rejected U... U should reject them. & Who insuled U today dont choose them as Ur life partener at any cost. So now U plz trust to God he gift U a loving & perfect life partener.


October 22, 2014 • by Mita

Dnt choose any one of them.....get marry 2 a gud man n start ur love life aftr cre*


June 10, 2014 • by Aish

really a nice story


June 5, 2014 • by Tracy

I think a is the perfect guy for u,u love him & he has ur heart absolutely,u will never be happy or satisfied with any other guy bcos ur heart is for A.your bf is not the right person for u.If he is he would have treated u as special & important but not as a cheap girl ok,just that is an insult & should tell u he is not the right guy for u.


October 24, 2013 • by Keruveena

Dont choose any of them..Mr.A used to be a cheater and once a cheater..will always be a cheater..And dnt forget your burden and missery when he left you before...While your due time much big problem will come out specially when u got married with him..Always remember that the true gentleman who loved a woman will always make her feel shes very special..not a very cheap one like how ur bf treated you..Pray..its very powerful!Claim on HIM the ONE truely deserve for you..Goodluck!


July 2, 2013 • by Ella

i advice u go for ur bf it is beta to bi love by a guy dan for u to love dem so much, cos u may bi hurt in ur life, pls give ur bf chance. Dnt give A chance before he hurt u again


June 9, 2013 • by Ayann

You should not choose anyone of them!!?!!!?.


May 28, 2013 • by Zara

go for A if you dont try again you will always wonder what could have been, if you really did love your boyfriend you wouldnt even consider going back to A, just dont regret not trying becacuse its the worst feeling in the world


April 26, 2013 • by Ash

Go with your A he loves you thatz y he came back to u. Your bf might be a good guy but he is not good for u .If a man loves a girl sincerly he will always try to keep her pure and good will not make her a cheap.

Dinesh Babu

April 25, 2013 • by Dinesh Babu


I am very sad hear this story
you rejected the person who 4 year older then you and who loved you deeply, similarly A rejected you even though you loved deeply, it is like vice versa.
One think I can say
Loving someone is common, but to be loved by someone is great that to you to had a great time with him,
Then what the problem with your BF, you know as you said A asked about forgiveness, can you say cant he leave you next time. Definitely he may leave again if he find such movements which he had earlier.

So, know more about bf, if he every think ok like earlier
Better to choose your bf,

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Dilemma. Heart broken

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