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I’m married abroad and my life is a hell. He works a lot all the time – 12 hours a day. He never pays me enough attention and my opinion is of no great importance to him.... Back to text


October 7, 2014 • by Aliya

try your best to co-op with the family just listen what ur heart says if u want to be educated truly from the depth of your heart if u have this im sure ur probs will be alright a day

Grammar nazi

August 28, 2014 • by Grammar nazi

Yup... english aint yer first language is it

Marvi zurain

August 20, 2014 • by Marvi zurain

AlL hUmAn wIsDoM iS cOnTaInEd iN tHeSe TwO wOrDs : wAiT & hOpE
So mY dEaR hOpE iS tHe tHiNg wItH fEaThEr tHaT pErChEs iN tHe sOuL AnD sInGs tHe tUnE wItHoUt tHe WoRd & nEvEr sToPs aT aLl :-)

Peter Martin

June 27, 2014 • by Peter Martin

Hello Lusia,

Fist let me apologize because I'm not a woman But I do know that most men define love by being able to provide for the women in their life, mainly because they've not been taught how to love in other ways.

Okay it's time to change the lessons or should say tactics, what are the things that he is interested in? here are some examples nothing makes me want to get home early than getting an invitation to something that I enjoy from the woman in my life without letting him know it's from you but an admirer. But then that's a mystery worth exploring without wondering if he is cheating on you or not. But this is not the point. When was the last time you gave him a call, or sent him a text letting him know how important he is to you? these are just a few Ideas Now It's true that you can take it to the Lord in pray on all things, but at the same time he is not going to do what he gave you power to do! here is another Idea he doesn't want you to work, But then you can always reposition your need by working because you're lonely. It sends the same message and it gets his attention because you are not depending on him to complete you. a man needs to feel needed in order to want to involve himself in something that he feels connected too. It starts with you!
start by dressing and working like you have found a new lover you can even create one using your imagination and while everyone around you is trying to figure out what's really going on including your husband the truth is that the new lover is him being seduced by you!

The listener

March 2, 2014 • by The listener

You have to get out of that marriage, you are not alone, there are thousand of thousands of people who suffer from an unhealthy or neglected marriage but they stay because that's all they know. Some people stay in their marriages when things turn bad and the husbands turn out to be murderers, or they abuse their wives. It's unhealthy for you to be unhappy, he is using you to be the 'perfect' wife, like in the olden days when we women didn't have wrights or lives, and men ruled anything and everything that we did. He he is controlling your life by not letting you do the things you want (like get a job, as you are wasted your skills and excellent education by not getting one). Unless you seriously love Him for some reason, get out of there and be YOU! Do what YOU want to do, do what YOUR heart tells you and lead the life that YOU want to lead. I wish you all the best and good luck! Lots of love xxx


February 5, 2013 • by Estelle

yes read the bible to know fully your responsibilities and rights as a wife


January 23, 2013 • by Maame

Baby with God everything is possible


December 20, 2012 • by Labida

yes it is very difficult to do the thing u don`t like. try to talk ur husband say that u are happy in marriage and also want to feel urself happy, useful and successful in carrier. he is afraid of losing u. do not give up one day he will understand u and say say ok.
don`t be aggressive

Alexandra Virgoe

December 12, 2012 • by Alexandra Virgoe

A man/woman should never forbid another man/woman to do anything. If you are in a marriage where he won't let you be yourself or do the job you want to do and does not value you, you might need to evaluate the whole thing really. The bible is all good and well but if you are a god believer than you will know that you need to start off by first trying to help yourself. Be strong, be beautiful. You only have one life, live it. Cliche maybe but believe it and it may help you.


November 10, 2012 • by Nibe

I hope u are so great god sure help u in solveing your problem


October 24, 2012 • by Vaishu

Its really hard but i hope u really come out from ur problems i have one idea that first u should talk to ur husband u show him what are all u need from him best way is talk eachother then surely u got some ideas ma


October 8, 2012 • by Darksugar

I hope you find a way out of your problem, and get away from he and his family,


October 8, 2012 • by Darksugar

Marriage is not about getting fed up with each other it is sharing and talking, working things out together,


October 8, 2012 • by Darksugar

True that, i really hope she get out of the family that don't make her feel welcome


September 9, 2012 • by Navya

nothing my dear...dont worry...c, first start loving ur husband...let it be, i mean, u told he is always working like...this means his interest is more in doing work than to spend time with first do what i say it will workout for sure...go and get the holy bible...wake up early and read it...tell everything to ur lord jesus christ...nothing is impossible to his hands...but pray without the same time make ur husband realise that he is more happy than his workplace than with u.... even if he spends 5 minutes a day with u... first understand him to the core...


July 6, 2012 • by Nana

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February 10, 2012 • by Amanda

wow well i wish u luck and just listen to ur heart and do what u think is right (;


October 3, 2011 • by Badami

i think you are also right with your point of view..


January 29, 2011 • by Coach

that is and my live...


August 3, 2010 • by Mhadz

...i felt that the writer of this story is facing to much pain. i hope you find your freedom and find your self in other people to make you happy.


August 28, 2006 • by Fff

Isn't it true that we all get fed-up within some years of marrriage?

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