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You might get bored with a wish-wash story. I wished so much to have kids. I made an abortion three years ago, it was not the right moment/financial difficulties, other headaches, as well as antibiotics taken in the beginning of... Back to text


September 8, 2014 • by Jun

Dnwry pray 2god n he wil show u the way ..jz b humbl ..vl tc of your health n ur swt baby bump ..may god bles u both of u takcre;)


April 21, 2014 • by Mommyzpet

God is wid u dear all ur worries will cam to an abrupt end


October 1, 2013 • by Angie

hello ladies,

To dear sister, you are not alone in this world. There are a lot of challenges in every relationship especially in marriages and just like Yunyow said a minute or 2 in prayer works. Believe it or not, it works. There are times when you feel like your life is crushing down and your breaths are being stolen away from you and you are so helpless and confused...... Well, that is the devil at work. He does not want any happiness of any kind in our lives. His desires are to steal- your peace, the love, the joy anyhthing precious to you, to Kill and to destroy. But God a wants the very best for His children. No matter the challenges you are going through, He said call unto Him in times of distress and He will answer you.

I don't know you neither does Yunyow but care about you. I hope you both have a safe delivery..... I am hoping to get pregnant soon. I am 24 and got married this May. Lots of love


March 21, 2013 • by Yunyow

hi there! I am a 26 year old wife...just got married last Feb but I am already pregnant, i was struck by your story, financial difficulty is really hard to deal..but you know as women we tend to feel like we should be the one to be taken care of but actually its our husbands that needs comfort from us because they are weaker emotionally than us. a minute or two of prayers will also help you release the tensions you have...try works! as ive said, im also a mom to be and I realized hat we can really do things exceptional for our no worries will help you, just try to forget them all, have more patience and show your husband not to always worry about money, well of course money is important but everything will be okay that's why you are now two became solve all your problems together, avoid blaming each other instead help one another to cope up. Have FAITH! you can do better things together and once you seek one more hand from above...believe me it will be ablast! you will be surprised that all things worked good together...

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I am pregnant, but I am scared

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